• Wicky Cheng
    Wicky Cheng

    "Joining Ascend has been one of the best things I've done while at SFSU. Ascend gave me a feeling of belonging and purpose. As a result, I made a lot of new friends who inspired me to be a better person and to achieve my goals. There were also many networking opportunities, informational workshops and many other resources available which helped me develop professionally."

  • Alberto Wu
    Alberto Wu

    "Taking calculated risk is one of the many lessons I learned from Ascend."

  • Bao Pham
    Bao Pham

    "Through Ascend, I was given countless opportunities to push myself professionally, academically, and personally. My time in Ascend is irreplaceable."

  • Sonam Tsering
    Sonam Tsering

    "Ascend does a commendable job at providing a platform for business students to polish their interpersonal communication skills and above all their leadership skills through many team-building activities, professional and career development events, whilst giving back to the Bay Area communities through community service events. My heartfelt appreciation to the past and current Ascend members for bringing out the best in me. Without their support, motivation and inspiration, my journey through college and my professional growth would have been a far cry from where I am right now."

  • Samat Baialiev
    Samat Baialiev

    "There are two equally important factors that will drive your success in the professional world: technical competence and communication skills. Education or work experience will help you to build a base for your technical competence. Ascend will help you improve your communication skills."

  • William Chin
    William Chin

    "Ascend has helped me achieve goals I never thought were possible. Not only was I able to grow to become a more outgoing person, but I was able to receive opportunities, like internships and full-time offers, before graduating. Ascend will set you on an amazing journey as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort to take the first step!"

  • Christopher Jones
    Christopher Jones

    "During my undergrad, Ascend SFSU was the campus organization that provided the most opportunities and had the most welcoming environment. I would not be where I am today were it not for Ascend – I can give nothing but the highest praise."

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